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twin quartz tube(double hole quartz tube)
Date:2006/10/8 16:15:27
product code: IP108 ¡¡type comparison: -
The surface of this kind of tube is smooth and the tube is colorless. The properties of the tube are: high purity(SiO2>99.99%), abrasion resistance(any acid except HF acid ). fire resistance(softening point 1700 centigrade). low coefficient of thermal expansion(5.5x10-7/centigrade, heat the tube to around 1100 centigrade, then put it into ordinary temperature water, the tube won't crack, ); The surface can be done with gold plating.
Gently using sizes:
single outer diameter X double outer diameter
8x17mm, 11x23mm, 15x33mm
length 400-4000mm


properties: Good thermal and mechanical property, accurate dimensional tolerance, and OH content (1-160PPM) is available according to the requirements of customers.
application: It is widely applied at halogen lamp, mercury lamp, printer lamp tube, stage light, chemical tube, and heat-resistant utensils, etc
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