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Quartz heater elements
Date:2008/7/11 15:35:02
product code: ¡¡type comparison:

          carbon fiber electric quartz heater /lamp

            carbon fiber quartz heater with one end

           carbon fiber electric quartz heater with U-sharp

        Quartz heater lamp,quartz heater tubing

           quartz heater ,quartz heater lamp with large power

       halogen lamp ,halogen heater

      far infrared quartz heater ,far infrared quartz heater tubing

        twin quartz emitters /twin quartz heater  

     Gold or half gold reflector quartz heater elements

           Quartz infrared emitters/quartz heater cassetes



properties: Especialy for produce quartz heater elements,such as Carbon Fiber Quartz Electric Heater ,Far infrared quartz heater,Quartz Heater Box and Spiral Quartz heater,halogen lamp ,twin quartz gold heater and etc.
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